Optic Fiber Cable

Indoor Optical Fiber Cable
Distribution Cable
Designed to face installation conditions, extreme temperature conditions and fire safety norms for indooruse. The main design consideration is base tight buffer construction. The fibers are covered by color coded buffering material which increases the diameter from 0.25mm to 0.9mm. These strengthened fibers are surrounded by dielectric strength members and a flameretardant outer jacket. The buffer is easy to strip allowing fast and reliable splicing. These cables are ideal for intrabuilding cabling and their fiber count varies from 2 to 48 fibers.

Deltafull indoor cables are constructed with highest quality optical fibers from internationally reputed manufacturers and the cable manufacturing is done under strict quality assurance system adhering to ISO 9001 Quality System.

  Features  Benefits
Flexible and Lightweight
Flame Retardant
High performance Tight Buffered coating
Easy handling of the cable.
Best for indoor installations.
Gives environmental and mechanical protection
Ordering Information
Sheath Type

Fiber Count
DX1 - 2 Fiber
DX2 - 4 Fiber
DX3 - 6 Fiber
DX4 - 8 Fiber
DX6 - 12 Fiber
DX7 - 24 Fiber
DX8 - 36 Fiber
DX9 - 48 Fiber

Fiber Type
SM1 - Singlemode G652
SM2 - Singlemode G655
MM1 - Multimode 50/125
MM2 - Multimode 62.5/125
MM3 - OM3
Outer Jacket Colour
Y - Yellow
B - Blue
R - Red
G - Green
O - Orange
S - State / Gray
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