The Various Services Provided are...
  • Deltafull provides for Category 5 and Category 5e products.
  • Deltafull is the first company to manufacture and launch the only Indian brand in the field of Structured Cabling.
  • Deltafull provides services to meet the existing and future demands of the Cabling Industry.


Registration Program Procedures

The Deltafull Structured Cabling System Registration Program is designed to provide the SCS Reseller with a written set of system specification that details the types of applications the design will support, and to what limits.

The warranty also covers the authorized Deltafull Structured Cabling Components against defects for the same fifteen-year period of time. This extended component warranty will only apply to approved, registered installations.

This registration process further insures that the proper procedures, practices and components are used in the delivery of Deltafull Structured Cabling Systems.

To become a Registered Installer the Company has to fill up an application form and seek approvals in writing. Therefore sites done by Registered Installers can only be registered.

Resellers Deltafull installations must adhere to all acceptable Structured Cabling design, engineering and installation procedures as per EIA / TIA Standards and Norms and as per Building Standard Guidelines and utilize genuine and authorized Deltafull Structured Cabling components in provisioning the project.

The document must be completed for each Deltafull Structured Cabling project which will be registered and will provide the basis for obtaining the certified Deltafull registration document giving:

  1. Description of the physical site characteristics of the facility and associated installation.
  2. A "Materials List" describing all the products used in the installation.
  3. The name, address, and signature of the Company and Reseller Personnel registering the Deltafull Structured Cabling system.
  4. Test certification report of any approved Cat 5 Scanner for each and every node as per acceptable practice
  5. Block diagram of the entire network
  6. Complete view details of all the patch panels located in the administrative area.

The Deltafull Structured Cabling System registration documents used for Deltafull SCS Projects must be be retained for a minimum of 15 years by the Reseller. These documents, as well as all drawings associated with a particular Deltafull SCS installation, must be provided to Deltafull in connection with any claim.

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